Vibration Control

Control of vibrations in the listening room has been found to be essential for the accurate portrayal of recorded music and a prerequisite to get the best performance out of your system. There are a number of products that are on market to accomplish this and combinations are sometimes required.


Carbon CD Damper >>>


M-Block 8015 / 8035 / 8055 Multi-purpose resonant absorber

Product Features: • M-Block 8015: $280• M-Block 8035: $310• M-Block 8055: $380 The audible effects of most resonances of your Hi-Fi equipment and loudspeakers can effectively be reduced by using one of the most suitable M-Block of our accessory program. >>>


Stillpoints Ultras (stainless steel)

The Ultras are an improved implementation of the original principals of resonance and vibration control. >>>