Sindre Airbearing Turntable / Airbearing Tonearm

Product Features: Sindre A truly high end model. Sindre is a traditional airbearing turntable / airbearing tonearm combination. The platter floats on a thin air film centered by a spindle, and mounted with a linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Sindre is extremely simple to adjust and operate. The >>>



Design Principles In 1977, The Bruel and Kjær Company of Denmark published a land-mark paper concerning the mechanical stability of high fidelity turntables: The Audible Effects of Mechanical Resonances in Turntables. Using the then new technology of Fast Fourier Transform analysis, Bruel and >>>


Kronos Turntable

All turntables currently on the market are constructed either with or without a suspension system. Suspended turntables are better isolated from both mechanical and sound vibrations emitted from the speakers. these turntables are often preferred to rigid ones as they deliver a more organic sound and >>>


TTT-Compact Turntable

TTT-Compact - A turntable made to perfection The extraordinary design and performance of our tangential pivoted tone-arm Simplicity required a fitting turntable. The compact Thales Turntable with battery-drive (TTT-C) is made to match the Simplicity tone-arm perfectly in all aspects: >>>


Sparta Turntable

"Through innovative efficient materials, novel engineering solutions and streamlining the production process, a lower manufacturing cost was realized," Louis Desjardins of Kronos Audio said about the Sparta. >>>