Phono Preamp

The phono preamp is responsible for amplifying the delicate analog signals that we audiophiles cherish and carry them to the higher levels of amplification with as little noise and coloration as possible.

VPS 100

Product Features: The road to VPS-100 took many turns in our long and extensive evaluation of topologies, materials, design and implementation. Passive RIAA equalization is preferred to active because in active RIAA equalization there is a feedback loop and the RIAA netw >>>


SPA-II Tube Phono

The NVO story While I was still in high school, a friend of mine came into possession of a Leak Stereo 50 tube power amp, with a matching ‘Point One’ pre-amp, from the late 50’s. Everyone looked upon it with amazement, what with all those big parts on top, especially the glowing tu >>>


Vida Vinyl Phono Disc Amplifier

Key features:   Adopted LCR type RIAA device. Unlike conventional NF & CR type for RIAA curve, VIDA uses L (coil) to generate precise RIAA curve, resulting in much fulfilling midranges. With use of the latest semiconductor devices and discrete amplifier circuit, it achieved a complete >>>