A CD transport is responsible for reading the transcribed audio information on the compact disc with a special laser and that is transferred back to a sophisticated series of electronics and that digital signal is converted into an analog signal for playback. Transports are often CD players but can also be a primary drive.

BDCD1 CD Belt Drive Player/Transport

B.M.C. Belt Drive CD Player / Transport B.M.C. applies exceptional concepts to their components to make technical innovation and perfection serve music reproduction. One truly uncommon concept is a CD transport with belt drive. Why should a belt drive be applied although almost all other CD player >>>





CDT 100 CD Transport / CD Player

CDT 100 is Ypsilon's top loader cd player/transport. The transport's primal objective is to retrieve data from the cd-disc with as much accuracy as possible. The laser head is extremely sensitive to vibrations so CDT 100 provides a rigid and resonant free construction. The mechanism is mechanically >>>