Tone Arms

The tonearm  holds the pickup cartridge over the groove, the stylus tracking the groove with the desired force to give the optimal compromise between good tracking and minimizing wear of the stylus and record groove. The tonearm can be pivoted in several ways allowing it to be free to move in two axes (vertical and horizontal) with a counterbalance to maintain tracking pressure. It must do this while keeping vibrations at a minimum.


Kuzma 4 pt Tonearm

 The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 points.  The 4POINT tonearm has an effective length of 280mm (11-inch), a very precise VTA adjustment facility and fits our standard mount with a 212mm   pivot-to-spindle distance.  The heart of this new design is the unique 4-po >>>


Black Beauty Tonearm

This tonearm is the perfect complement to the table that has revolutionized the audio industry.     >>>


Ikeda Sound Labs IT-407 Tonearm

Isamu Ikeda’s passion for the perfect analog sound began in the 1940’s when, being dissatisfied with the production at a previous audio company, Mr. Ikeda decided to form his own company – the world famous Fidelity Research Inc.  However, continuing his pursuit for perfection >>>


Kronos Helena Tonearm

This gem is the perfect arm for the Sparta turntable. >>>