Essence Of Music by Essence Of Music

This brilliant formulation not only cleans the surface but the protective nano-film also improves optical transparency and resists static build-up. The result is a more natural portrayal of the recording.


Essence of Music two-step CD cleaner and treatment is an essential product for preparing your CD and Blu-ray discs for upload and playback. Ripping following Essence of Music application reveals and permanently captures visceral details, spatial cues, and ambient intimacies of a live event to your media server - delicacies always present, but obscured within your disc, prior to Essence of Music application.

Essence of Music's unique two-step chemistry reduces birefringence and increases disc transparency to actually improve a disc's surface. Our product contains no abrasive polishes or silicone. Don’t take our word for it!

Independent Tests Confirm Efficacy:

A 33% reduction in bit read errors was confirmed in unsolicited independent testing conducted by Purist Audio Design. The test utilized a certified Philips Professional CD reader and professional software, with two identical discs, one disc remained untreated (control); the other disc was treated with Essence of Music. During single-blind listening tests that followed, with the company’s reference audio test system, two identical copies of 8 different CDs were played randomly. Participants selected the Essence of Music treated disc every time. Audible improvements noted were additional detail retrieval and an improved spatial presentation. The results have been verified by experienced listeners in both unstructured and single-blind tests, and by scientific measurements. We are confident you will agree with our listeners. For a limited time we offer new purchasers a 30 day in-home evaluation.

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Contents • Two 20 ml (0.67 oz) atomizer bottles • Optical quality microfiber lens cloths • Nitrile finger protectors (cots) • Cleans and treats approximately 400 discs.

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