EVO1 by Hart Audio

These speakers were the surprise hit of the Heathbrow 2010 audio show and on several best of show lists.

The EVO1, when set up properly, will convey a realism with good recordings that has rarely been acheived before at any price point.

The EVO1 Monitor is the true purist monitor with no standing waves making it incredibly clear.
The system has high detail imagery.

ABM's (Active Bass Modules) allows the appreciation of two very different kinds of speaker. The EVO1 Dual Monitor goes toward providing the low frequencies that many Audiophiles feel is a very important factor in quality listening. The EVO1 Tri-Monitor takes the depth of bass to a breathtaking and unmistakably comprehensive level.

The bass amp pack on the EVO1 Monitor can support up to 4 ABM's per channel (32 drivers per channel @ 8 Ohms). At this level the bass purity and precision is astonishing. The EVO1 design centres around vibration control. The less kinetic vibration energy produced, the less kinetic distortion is experienced by your eardrums, SIMPLE.
The ability to control the output, roll-off and phase of your ABM's with the amp pack and to stack your EVO cabinets in any order, with ABM's facing in any of your chosen directions makes tailoring your EVO1's to your listening environment and your own taste in sound a true reality.
Because this system is modular every configuration produces a loudspeaker with a character and quality all of it's o
The 12" drivers, crossed over at 1.4Khz, are co-axially arranged with a high power compression tweeter with a combined power rating of 400w-RMS (800W peak)

Smooth, beautifully clear and warm when valve powered.
A sensitivity of 97db 1w@1meter.
35Hz - 28Khz
Low power SET Valve amplification is ideal for powering the sensitive 12" co-ax drivers,
A high level input tap from your speaker leads (via the cabinet binding posts) feeds the active bass amp.
5 mtrs 99.97% Solid Silver Cabinet Linking Cables included
Choice of veneers:
Burr Walnut / Burr Vavona / Pomelle Eucalyptus /
Lacewood / Birds Eye Maple

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Priced at $24,300.00

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  • System: 3-way active bass
  • Mid/treble: 300mm paper dual concentric with compression tweeter
  • Bass driver: 115mm polypropylene cone (x8)
  • Bass amplification: 500 watts
  • Bass controls: phase, frequency contour, high & low level gain
  • Sensitivity: 97dB
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 125x44x44cm
  • Weight: head unit 62kg, ABM 38kg, plinth 22kg
  • Magnetic grilles
  • List price $24,300

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