S 1000 Battery Audio Power by Stomtank

Why waste money on ridiculously overpriced power cords. These unit will provide dead silent backgrounds, improved dynamics, sound staging and holography.   


The invention of purest sound quality
Made in Germany

In current social theory there is the common term “pyramid of needs”.

If one simplifies it to two statements, it says that we all primarily need immediate things in life such as food and sleep, and only then we develop needs for cultural enrichment.

If this rather wise scheme is applied to current technological change, it becomes clear that in modern society everybody needs electrical energy at practically all stages of his or her immediate needs. With electric energy we prepare and preserve food, move about and communicate with friends, conduct professional negotiations, have fun and realize ou creative spirit – even when electric energy only burns as a lamp above the desk.

But have we ever thought about energy quality?


If you ask a driver what gas quality he will use for any car he will definitely choose clean, recommended gasoline with a high octane rating.

Electrical energy, however, is a matter that is more difficult to judge. We are faced with a multitude of daily routine equipment that surround us but that hardly react to a wide variety of network fluctuations – they react only to radical voltage spikes and power black outs.

The qualitative character of electrical energy is most evident where it is directly converted into mechanical energy, if it is in a clean signal accessible to our perceptive organs or in light/color and sound.


One of the most important facts to hear the excellent quality of your audio-components is the purity and stability of the grid signal.


Until electrical energy reaches your system it has travel hundreds of meters from the generating station. There is certainly no high-quality power cable on this route, so the energy will encounter a whole kaleidoscope of interferences on its way – from a multitude of radio signals to the feedback of thoudands of electrical devices connected to the electrical grid.

Daily routine equipment like PC’s or microwave influence the grid. Everyone is connected to the same dirty grid polluted with DC voltage, high level and frequencies.


Electric current entering your amplifiers is therfore about as clean as water in a small forest pond. It looks okay most of the time and does not cause any direct damage, but is interspersed with a host of microscopically small life forms. Hence it is clear that fluctuations in power quality have a detrimental effect on the capabilities of the connected components.

They simply do ot receive enough “good” (clean) current to develop their full potential.

Audiophiles are waiting until deep in the night for a less-disturbed AC-grid to get good sound.



So what to do bringing the whole musical material to its full sonority to unfold?


A mains filter could be used to protect the system from overloads and to smooth out particularly unpleasant bursts for sound reproduction but this does not help to maximize the flow of energy. You can go one step further and install a regenerator that improves the sinusoidal shape of the electrical signal but this leads to a loss of sound dynamics. 

This topic has been known for a long time, it has been worked on in many places.

However, a consequent solution was not in sight for a long time. Until now!

Dreams come true – with your own real GENERATOR


After extensive research on various ways to improve the quality of the network, we opted for a radically different approach.

We take care making you completely independent from the traditional, fluctuating domestic power grid, by developing your own, independent power plant to supply your audio components.


This power generator is called STROMTANK.


Only the power generator STROMTANK offers you the unique opportunity to provide your system with stable energy, completely disconnected from the electrical grid. This complete network separation works for hours, and it may be perfect for you during this time no matter how many power plants are on and off be turned off and how many hair dryers and PowerLAN adapters in the Neighborhood mischief.


Currently, the following performance classes are available:


  • STROMTANK S-1000
  • STROMTANK S-2500
  • STROMTANK S-2500 Quantum
  • STROMTANK S-5000
  • STROMTANK S-5000 High-power

The main feature of each STROMTANK is a powerful generator combined with a high capacity battery and a unique feature.


Each Stromtank model has 2 different working modes:


  1. ON-grid (blue illumination at front meter)



STROMTANK supplies the audio system from the electrical grid according to the principle of a regenerator, but with one important difference:


an insufficient power supply will be compensated by a block of rechargeable batteries, which thanks to an permanent controlling of the system is able to supply as much energy as required (boost-function)



  1. OFF-grid (green illumination at front meter)


All audio components connected to STROMTANK are supplied solely by the batteries with constant current. The average autonomous operating time is 4-8 hours, depending on the choice of STROMTANK model and the energy consumption of the connected components.


When the battery state-of-charge reaches a critical minimum, the STROMTANK will automatically recharge itself from the mains.


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Priced at $15,000.00

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computer controlled lithium-iron-phosphate battery array (LiFePO4) for long life

Storage capacity:

1.000 Wh

Nominal battery voltage:

24 Vdc

Input voltage range:

100 – 130 Vac   or   200 – 245 Vac

Input frequency:

50 or 60 Hz (factory setting)

Input current adjusted:

8 Aac (factory setting)

transfer time:

< 15 ms (on grid to off grid)

Output voltage:

100-130 Vac  or  200 – 245 Vac (pure sine wave)

Output frequency:

50 or  60 Hz  +/- 0.05% (crystal controlled)

Continues output power
@ 25°C:

450 VA

Output power 30 min.
@ 25°C:

700 VA

Peak power 3 sec.
@ 25°C:

1.800 VA

AC output receptacles:

8x US sockets
(4x Hubbell duplex Hospital spec. grade)
or 4x Schuko sockets
(Furutech High performance NCF)


41 kg   /   90 lbs

Dimension (w x h x d):

48 x 22 x 47 cm   /   19 x 9 x 19 inches


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