Products by MG Audio Design

MG Audio Design, LLC, was recently formalized as a company but has been 25 years in the making. The principals of the company are Lee Matuszczak, Head of Product Development, and Greg Graff, COO/Chief Gopher. Lee is a retired electrical engineer known for developing innovative solutions to technical problems during his career. Greg was a bassist who performed with a number of jazz and rock bands. Both of us have been avid audiophiles for well over 30 years.

Our first love is designing and constructing loudspeakers. As a matter of fact, that is how we got into the wire business. We were voicing one of our earliest speaker designs and kept getting different results when we changed out speaker wire and interconnect. Finally, I became frustrated with the substantial changes these made, so I asked Lee what would be the perfect wire design. He thought for a while and then observed that, according to theory, it would be one that was very wide and very flat, where the leads were parallel to one another, in the same plane, and as close together as practical. Additionally, it would have air as its dielectric. We then spent the next several months building prototypes until we finally settled on a practical design embodying these ideas. The resulting product is the wire we have used ever since for our speaker designs.

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