Products by Bergmann

It is a must for us to combine simplicity and Scandinavian design with our airbearing philosophy and the right materials to secure an extraordinary sound.

The keywords are: 
- Less is more -

Our first product on the market, Model Sindre, is by customers called:
- A piece of art -

All mechanical components in the turntables and tonearms are developed by Johnnie Bergmann and manufactured innhouse by Bergmann Audio. Every single product is assambled and tested at Bergmann Audio's workshop, before they are sent to our carefully selected distributors- and vendor network.

Our products are named after the Northern Mythology - a collection of truly vigorous and positive tales. We hope that our users will get an intense and positive musical experience through our products and will:

Experience the music as the composers meant it to be.

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• $48,100 - Black Silky Mat Finish, WBT Nextgen RCA Silver Connectors
• $48,500 - Black Silky Mat Finish, Argento XLR Silver Connectors
• $49,800 - Piano Black Finish, WBT Nextgen RCA Silver Connectors
• $50,200 - Piano Black Finish, Argento XLR Silver Connector >>>


Sindre Airbearing Turntable / Airbearing Tonearm

Product Features:

A truly high end model.

Sindre is a traditional airbearing turntable / airbearing tonearm combination. The platter floats on a thin air film centered by a spindle, and mounted with a linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Sindre is extremely simp >>>