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Ypsilon Electronics was formed in 1995. Founded by two sound engineers with a vast experience in the field of live music reproduction.

It was not only our experience with live music and live concerts that provided us with the necessary conditions to gain knowledge, it was also our technical background in electronics engineering, that contributed in formatting the concept of how a high end audio device should perform as well as how reliable it should be.

It was our love and dedication to natural live music that drove us to transform our passion into technology. A technology that combines both traditional and modern ground breaking designs and techniques.

At Ypsilon Electronics we strive to reproduce music in such a way that one can not tell the difference from true live music.

Our achievement is the creation of unique products that communicate to the listener the true meaning of music…EMOTION!

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VPS 100

Product Features: The road to VPS-100 took many turns in our long and extensive evaluation of topologies, materials, design and implementation. Passive RIAA equalization is preferred to active because in active RIAA equalization there is a feedback loop and the RIAA netw >>>


VPS 100 Valve Phono Stage

Product Features:

The road to VPS-100 took many turns in our long and extensive evaluation of topologies, materials, design and implementation.
Passive RIAA equalization is preferred to active because in active RIAA equalization there is a feedback loop and the RIAA network is in >>>


MC10 / MC16 / MC20 Moving Coil Step Up Transformers

Product Features:
• MC10: provides 10 times transformation ratio or 20db of gain
• MC16: provides 16 times transformation ratio or 24db of gain
• MC20: provides 20 times transformation ratio or 26db of gain

The MC series moving coil step-up transformers >>>


PST 100 / PST 100 TA Stereo Preamplifier

Product Features:

• PST 100: Combo Valve & Transformer Preamp
• PST 100 TA: Transformer Attenuator Preamp

PST 100

Most manufacturers develop a circuit for their power amplifier and then use the design for their preamplifier. The job of a po >>>


DAC 100 Stereo Valve D/A Converter

Product Features:
DAC 100 is a non–oversampling, no upsampling design with multi–bit dac chips. The carefully designed power supply is with shunt regulators. I/V conversion is done by a specially designed, built in house transformer. Τhe analog stage uses single-ended class A t >>>


CDT 100 CD Transport / CD Player

CDT 100 is Ypsilon's top loader cd player/transport. The transport's primal objective is to retrieve data from the cd-disc with as much accuracy as possible. The laser head is extremely sensitive to vibrations so CDT 100 provides a rigid and resonant free construction.

The mechanism is >>>


BC 1 Balanced Converter Transformers

Product Features:
The Ypsilon BC1 transformers are used for converting an unbalanced signal to a balanced one. They can be used with any kind of unbalanced source like cd-players, phono preamps, line preamps etc. They can also be used for breaking ground loops in a system, lowering the >>>


SET 100 Ultimate

SET 100 Ultimate is a single-ended hybrid amplifier of 2 gain stages, output power of 120W wrms with low output impedance (0.25 Ohm). It has the magic midrange of a small S.E.T amplifier with the scale, authority, micro and macro detail that no amplifier has ever achieved until n >>>



AELIUS Push-Pull hybrid monoblock power amplifier is the latest addition to the electronics line of YPSILON ELECTRONICS. A monoblock configuration and hybrid design using a valve in the input stage with valve rectification and a mosfet output stage producing 220 wpc in 8 Ohm, 380 wpc in >>>