Audio Components

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An audio power amplifier is an electronic component that amplifies low-power audio signals (signals composed primarily of frequencies between 20 - 20 000 Hz, the human range of hearing) to a level suitable for driving loudspeakers and is the final stage in a traditional audio playback setup.

Phono Preamp

The phono preamp is responsible for amplifying the delicate analog signals that we audiophiles cherish and carry them to the higher levels of amplification with as little noise and coloration as possible.

Stereo Preamps

A preamp, also called a control amp, is an important part of any high end audio system. A preamp serves three functions. First, it acts as an impedance buffer between the source components and the amplifier. Second, it serves as an adjustable gain (volume) control. Third, it acts as a switch, allowing the user to switch between various components via its inputs.

Stereo Speakers

Speakers are the heart of the audio system and when matched properly with the proper supporting equipment and sources they convey the emotion and the accuracy of the recording. 


The Audio Turntable has  been around since 1877 and has also been known as a phonograph and a record player. The term Hi-Fidelity was first termed after the popularity of the turntable grew to be  a favorite source for music playback of recorded analog music among audiophiles. There was a drop in its popularity in the mid 80s with the introduction of the compact disc but there has been a huge resurgence and new models have been developed with improvements in all aspects of the original designs.